CAPE’s School Council is the parent body that has an advisory role to the school. All parents are welcome to attend School Council meetings, held once a month (evening) at the school. Dates are listed in the event calendar.

2022-2023 School Council Members

Chair Representative –  Krystal Rose Eirich

Vice Chair Representative – Caitlin Hok

Secretary Representative – Chantelle Bartek

Treasurer Representative- Many Mann

Hot Lunch Representative –Vacant

Fundraising Representative – Vacant

Board Representative – Natasha LeRuyet-Warriner

School Representative – Jeney Gordon

Teacher Representative – Donna Franz

Administrative Assistant Representative – Tannis Smeed


Hot Lunch

Each month, parents select a healthy menu from which students can opt to order. Parents then help serve hot lunch on the designated day. Past lunches have included home made foods such as chili, soup, sandwiches, and taco in a bag.  We have also accessed local restaurants including Opa! Greek, Sizzling Wok, Taco Time, Subway and Pizza Hut.


New Playground Structure

Our School Council has spearheaded the project for a new playground structure added at the new school site.

The Council has raised $230,000 for the new playground site.

The work has now been completed, the structures are in, the benches are in, the bicycle racks are in, the courtyard has been paved and looks great.
Thank you to all that contributed to this project, the students thank you, the staff thanks you, parents thank you, and the community thanks you.
This was indeed a labour of love!


Technology & Field Trip Support

Through Alberta Gaming (casinos), CAPE’s School Council has raised funds and donated significant amounts to the school in support of technology and field trips.  During the 2019-2020 school year $15,000 was donated to support the purchase of iPads and $5,000 facilitated year-end field trips to places such as the Calgary Zoo, Telus Science Centre, Fort Whoop-Up, Calgary Olympic Park and others. During the 2020-2021 school year $5,000 was donated to replace one of the smart boards in one of the lower elementary classes.

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CAPE is a very vibrant learning environment with multigrade community-oriented projects and endeavours.

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