Charter schools are mandated to share their innovative practices, successes, and failures with the educational community within Alberta and the country. CAPE takes every opportunity to share via publications and presentations at conferences. We also welcome our education partners and all stakeholders to our school via open houses and other school-wide events and celebrations.

Building Leadership

Volume 19, Issue 2 Fall 2023

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Thinking like a Teen: Teaching the Charter to Grade 9 Students

Issue 155- Nov/Dec 2022

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Enhancing Best Practices to Boost Learning and Wellness

Volume 18, Issue 1 Spring 2022

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Returning to a Near Normal

Leaders & Learners Winter 2021-2022

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Equity A Successful COVID-19 Response to Support Our School Community

CASSA Leaders & Learners Winter 2020-2021

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Change as Opportunity

CASS CONNECTION Volume 16, Issue 2: Fall 2020

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A Culture of Mutual Support

CASS CONNECTION Volume 16, Issue 1: Spring 2020

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Personalized Programming and Equity

CASS CONNECTION Volume 15, Issue 2: Fall 2019

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Mentorship: An Effective Model in a Small School

CASS Connection Volume 14, Issue 2: Fall 2018: Winter 2017-2018

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Community Connections

CASSA Leaders & Learners Winter 2017-2018

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Effective Stakeholder Engagement Within A Small Rural Charter School

CASS Connection Volume 14, Issue 1: March 2018

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