Any person interested in registering a student at CAPE school may explore our CAPE website, or visit our office, in order to access specific information about the school.


  1. At any time throughout the year, an interested person may complete a waiting list form for a student. This form may be downloaded from the website or be picked up from our office. As forms are received by our office, they are dated. These dates determine the first-come, first-served order for available spaces.
  2. In early February, available spaces for students are determined. The process for new registrations begins.
    • Possible registrations are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents are contacted to see if they are interested in continuing with the registration process.
    • The current school of the prospective student is contacted by a member of our administration. Information regarding student need(s) is gathered from files and interviews. This information is private and kept confidential.
    • This information is used to determine the types of support necessary to assist the individual student. This list is then analyzed to determine what level of support CAPE is able to provide. This will ultimately determine if CAPE has a program to meet the students needs or not.
    • If CAPE is able to provide support directed to meet student need(s) and there is space in the class (classes are capped at 18 for K-3, 22 for 4-5 and 24 for 6-9), the parents are contacted and invited to attend a registration meeting at which time they will be given registration documents. If CAPE is unable to provide a program for a student, the parents will be contacted and informed. Information regarding alternative placements and options available within the community will be provided if requested.
  3. Registration documents must be returned within one week of receipt. It is the timely return of these documents that secures the child’s enrolment in the school. If extra time is required, an arrangement must be made with the administration prior to an extension being given.

For more information on our fees, including a per student breakdown:

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