CAPE, as a public charter school, cannot charge tuition. CAPE does charge fees as all other public schools.

CAPE’s fee structure is all inclusive; the monthly fee covers all curricular and co-curricular initiatives for the full academic year. Parents are never asked for additional dollars.

CAPE’s fee schedule also assures equal access to every learning opportunity to every student regardless of family financial status.

CAPE does not provide transportation but does apply on behalf of parents for the student transportation grant and channels those dollars back to every eligible student’s parent(s) in mid August.

One inclusive fee:

  1. 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year student insurance
  2. All school supplies
  3. iPads/desktops and software for K-3
  4. Individual student iPads for 4-9
  5. School-wide educational initiatives
  6. Rental fees for community facilities such as the YMCA
  7. Bussing for curricular and co-curricular activities
  8. Bussing to Cypress Hills, Elkwater, Lethbridge, Calgary, etc.
  9. Costs associated with projects, integration initiatives, consultants, registrations, etc.
  10. Medicine Hat Junior High Athletic Association

Note: This list in not all inclusive and is subject to change from year to year.

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Full Day, Every Day Kindergarten

Non refundable deposit: $100

Monthly Activity Fee:
$280 / month (Sept - June)

Grades 1-3 Fees

Non refundable deposit: $100

Monthly Activity Fee:
$54 / month (Sept-June)

Grades 4-9 Fees

Non refundable deposit: $100

Monthly Activity Fee:
$70 / month (Sept-June)

For a comprehensive look at our fee schedule:

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