The purpose of CAPE’s personalized, integrated program is to support the learner’s acquisition of cross-curricular competencies, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and other academic skills while also developing personal skills such as relationship building, self-advocacy, creation of opportunities, risk-taking, and achieving goals.

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Total Integration

CAPE intertwines core learning. The program foundations come from both social studies and science. Language skills are developed within the social studies concepts while the mathematics skills merge with the science concepts. Learning experiences are added to enrich the learning and help the material flourish to become more meaningful, more interactive, and more personal for the students.

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Personalized Program

CAPE’s personalized program (referred to as individualized program in the past) is a research-based, data driven, purposeful, collaborative, and cyclical process through which each student’s personalized program is developed, implemented, monitored and re-evaluated to maximize the achievement of personal and academic goals through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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Examples of Integration within Core

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Examples of Integration within Projects

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Literacy and Numeracy

In 1994 the language/literacy needs of our students were addressed via the Extended/Enrichment program for grades 1-3 through which students requiring additional assistance as well as those needing enrichment received the support within a 30 minute block. Those in grades 4-9 received supports within the language classes. This program eventually morphed into our current Literacy and Numeracy Programs. Our defined literacy program combines reading and comprehending with writing and representing. Numeracy blocks blend basic math skills that require daily practice with focused math work that can be applied to real world contexts.

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I.S.E.E. Integrated Setting for Enrichment Education

September 2003 saw the beginning of the Gifted & Talented Program for students in grade 6-9. Identified gifted and/or talented grades 6-8 students (coded) were grouped in a cross-grade class. They were offered a fully-enriched, integrated, interactive program of studies in four core subjects, which also involved group work, individual and/or group projects, and special projects. In September 2006 a similar program was introduced in response to grades 4 and 5 student needs and parental request. This program became known as the I.S.E.E. Program (Integrated Setting for Enrichment Education). Currently CAPE offers a separate environment for students who require enrichment education based on Alberta Education’s recognition of “gifted and talented” students. Parents have the choice for their qualifying students to learn in a class which focuses on the unique challenges of these students.

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One-on-One Computing

CAPE firmly believes in the use of technology in the classroom as a learning and teaching tool. In 1994 each grade 6-7 student was provided with a personal PC desktop while the students in grade 8 and 9 had Macs. This system proved to be very problematic. Therefore from September 1995 only Macs have been used. The program was expanded to the grades 4 and 5 students years later. Lack of physical space and cost prompted the move to iPads for all. This shift allowed the technology to go home, hence the students have access to the technology as a learning tool 24 hours a day for the full academic year. Learning does not stop at the end of the school day.

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Community Partnerships

CAPE students enjoy and benefit from learning within the community. Each year our students have many worthwhile community experiences, which make their learning both rich and meaningful.

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