Any person interested in registering a student at CAPE school may access the CAPE website, or the office, in order to access specific information about the school.


In the spring of 1997, the CAPE School Council chose to investigate uniforms as a way for students to identify as being part of a group. There are numerous benefits to uniforms as reported by parents and students alike:

  • Time saved as students know what to wear
  • Young students able to dress themselves
  • Money saved as families are not feeling the need or pressure to purchase designer clothes
  • Uniforms make everyone feel like part of the group and create school pride
  • Students do not feel the need to compete with others through fashion
  • Students learn that a neat appearance is more important than a trendy one

CAPE introduced uniforms in the fall of 1997. Over the years, the uniform pieces have been reviewed and revised.

CAPE uniforms can be purchased at any time throughout the year online through Lands’ End. This company often offers sales and is able to meet the supply and demand our parents need.


Designated Day Wear and Physical Education uniforms are mandatory for all CAPE students. If a student arrives at school not properly attired in the school uniform, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified and that student will be marked absent from class until they return to school dressed in school uniform. The uniform policy also applies to PE (grades 4-9); no uniform, no participation in that particular class

New uniforms are available here. 

Mandatory Day Wear is as follows:

CAPE School Shirts (purchased through Lands’ End):

  • Evergreen short-sleeved polo shirt with CAPE logo
  • Evergreen long-sleeved polo shirt with CAPE logo
  • Optional outerwear (to be worn over CAPE uniform, not instead of)
    • Evergreen zip-up hoodie with CAPE logo
    • Evergreen cardigan with CAPE logo
  • Shirts may not be worn under the uniform

Black Bottoms for daily wear (purchased on your own or through Lands’ End)

  • Jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, skorts
  • Socks must be black
  • Track pants, tear away pants or yoga pants worn for gym class are NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Bottoms may not have any decorations such as stripes, logos, etc.

Black Shoes (purchased on your own)

  • Must be black or as close to black as possible, with as little design as possible
  • Red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, fluorescent, patterned, etc. footwear is NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • Appropriate, separate footwear for both outdoor and indoor use must be accessible; students are required to have proper footwear for indoor use as well as outdoor; boots for either winter wear or wet weather do not have to be black as students remove them upon entering the school; for safety and maintenance reasons, students are not permitted to wear outdoor boots or muddy/wet footwear in school. In the case of an emergency, students need to have proper footwear for safe evacuation because of safety issues, flip flops are NOT ACCEPTABLE footwear

Mandatory Gym Wear
(purchased through Lands’ End)

Appropriate black bottoms that promote movement such as track pants, gym shorts, sweat pants, etc. Specifically for students in grades 4-9, jeans, corduroy pants, khakis, are NOT appropriate and students will be asked to change before being allowed to participate.

For students in grades 4 through 9, gym wear uniform pieces are appropriate only for physical education activities. Clothing worn in PE class (T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, gym shorts, etc.) may not be worn in other classes (core, second language, study hall, lunch).

The following are acceptable mandatory gym wear:

  • Burgundy short-sleeved T-shirt with CAPE logo
  • Optional burgundy long-sleeved sweatshirt with CAPE logo
  • Running shoes MUST be worn for gym activities. Parents purchase proper footwear on their own. Shoes are not available through the school.

As part of the registration at CAPE, parents agree to purchase the required CAPE uniform and to ensure their child/student is dressed in proper CAPE uniform daily. The uniform supports a sense of belonging, instills pride, encourages confidence, avoids issues with what to wear, and prevents competitiveness and exclusion practices because of the latest fashion fads. All school clothing must be clean and free of holes and tears, and must fit the student well to avoid such accidents as tripping over pants that are too long.

As of the fall of 2015, the mandatory day wear will consist of a green polo shirt with the CAPE logo and black bottoms without patterns or elaborate stitching. Stockings, leggings, and high socks are also expected to be black. Shirts are not allowed to be worn under the uniform. Sweaters and hoodies worn in class over the uniform must also be the prescribed CAPE uniform with the logo. The uniform policy also applies to PE (grades 4-9) classes. Students in grades 4-9 are to wear the burgundy t-shirt with the 2014 logo and either black shorts or black sweat pants for PE. Students without proper gym wear will not be permitted to participate in that particular class.

Students are expected to have proper, separate footwear accessible for both indoor and outdoor activities (i.e. indoor and outdoor shoes). Indoor shoes are expected to be black or as close to black as possible. Shoes must be closed toe and include choices of runners, loafers, flat dress shoes. Running shoes must be worn for all gym activities. Shoes worn outside in wet or snowy conditions will be expected to be removed upon entering the school.

If a student arrives at school not properly dressed in the school uniform, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified with the expectation that proper uniform be brought to the school. After three uniform infractions, parents will be notified by letter. If there are difficulties in availability of sizes or styles of uniform separates, staff will be notified and the affected student(s) will be excused while the uniform is being ordered.

Appropriate Jewelry and Makeup

Students often wear jewelry and make-up as adornments to express beauty or individualism. While CAPE readily recognizes students as individuals, it also stresses the need for students to acknowledge and comply with societal standards.

Any jewelry must be of modest to small size. The staff reserves the right to request that students remove jewelry during activities that pose a threat of possible injury, or if the jewelry items are large or inappropriate. Facial jewelry must be removed during any physical activity.

Makeup must also be of modest amounts. Heavy, dark face make-up or lipstick is not appropriate for school wear. Students with heavy make up will be asked to go and wash their faces before returning to class.

Please ensure that your student has the full mandatory CAPE uniform. Any student not in uniform will be required to call home for uniform, sent home to change, or managed through the school’s discipline policy.

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