CAPE Student Recognition

CAPE students have experienced wonderful success with their participation in many school wide events. Throughout the school years students have participated in different math contests such as Math League, grade levels 4 through 8, and algebra for grade 9 students. The students also competed in the Waterloo University contests - Gauss, grade 7 and 8, and Pascal, grade 9. Every year CAPE participates in an art show in which the Esplanade hosts a division called "school art." The students have had the opportunity to have their very best artwork selected to be displayed. Phenomenal teamwork has been demonstrated while competing in after school sports teams.

08 April, 2022

Land Acknowledgment

Under the leadership of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit team, CAPE has developed a Land Acknowledgment document as part of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Teacher Donna Goyer-Franz’s interest in the First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, history and traditions was instrumental in the development of the document. Bruce Dynes of Framing & Art Centre in Medicine Hat graciously framed this document and it now hangs in our school’s main entrance for all to see, read, and reflect.

17 January, 2022

CAPE Community Donations

CAPE school has contributed towards many community organizations. Giving back to the community is an important and integral aspect of the partnership we have with our community. Students have fundraised through a school bake sale earning $1600 which was donated generously to the Ronald McDonald House. Students also have raised money through various school wide activities earning money to be donated to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. We are very proud of these efforts from our wonderful CAPE families and students. 

09 January, 2022

CAPE Mural

CAPE was contacted by a community artist, Jeff Goring, to do a community based mural project at the school, which was filmed by Shaw. Jeff has been responsible for running "MuralFest" in the Medicine Hat area for the last 3 years with the goal to create positive messages to encourage and uplift youth and the community as a whole. Grades 4-9 were sent a survey to collect their choice of words to use on the mural. The chosen words (kind, accepting, diverse, inclusive, amazing, fun, welcoming, helpful, happy, challenging, caring, creative) were some of the words painted on the wall leading up to the mezzanine and down towards the gymnasium. Labour for this project was donated and the project was supported financially by the CAPE School council. Students and staff have commented how uplifting and bold this statement is for our school.

13 December, 2021

Safety Patrollers

CAPE has introduced a new program this year, our community crosswalk safety patrol. Utilizing a long time connection between one of CAPE's staff members and the AMA, we have trained volunteer CAPE students as safety patrollers. They who have dedicated themselves to help keep our CAPE community safe. These patrollers report to their outside duty in the mornings and at dismissal times. A community member has observed the CAPE safety patrollers in action and has noted the students incredible dedication to the program. "I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was to look out my window to see the AMA Safety Patrol team from CAPE this week. They are a most diligent group of young folks- so serious about their work. It was a delight watching their efforts, especially given the sudden turn in the weather. Much appreciation to their teacher supervisor. I know it is an increased responsibility, but she does a marvelous job looking after them. Hopefully, these young people will make a safer neighbourhood for all and have a positive effect on their peers, as well as the parents who bring their children to the school."

13 December, 2021

CAPE has partnered with Mother Earth’s Children’s Charter School.

Principal Erin Danforth and teacher Maxine Hildebrandt came to Medicine Hat over the summer to meet with CAPE staff. We are hoping to share information and possibly set up student exchange visits between MECCS and CAPE School during the year. Mrs. Hildebrandt’s students have already started sharing activities with teacher Sara Fairbrother’s students at CAPE by exchanging All About Me posters to let them get to know each other.

06 October, 2021

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CAPE is a very vibrant learning environment with multigrade community-oriented projects and endeavours.

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