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CAPE students have experienced wonderful success with their participation in many school wide events.

Throughout the school year students have participated in different math contests such as Math League, grade levels 4 through 8, and algebra for grade 9 students. The students also competed in the Waterloo University contests – Gauss, grade 7 and 8, and Pascal, grade 9.

Every year CAPE participates in an art show in which the Esplanade hosts a division called “school art.” The students had the opportunity to have their very best artwork selected to be displayed.

Phenomenal teamwork has been demonstrated while competing in after school badminton tournaments.

Congratulations to the following students;

– Dilsaaz A., Megan B, Salah A , Sarvesh P, Dawson B (Grade 6 Math League Team)

– Angelina P., Liyana K, Lucy F, Amber Y, Otto E (Grade 7 Math League Team)

– Rayyan B., Haejeong L, Riley V, Grady W, Aiden G (Grade 8 Math League Team)

– Jood J. (Pascal- placed with distinction in the top percent of all participants)

– Liyana K. (Gauss 7- placed highest score in grade 7)

– Rayyan B. (Gauss 8- placed highest score in grade 8)


– Angelina P. (Badminton Bantam Girls Singles- finished 4th place)

– Mannat S. (Badminton- achieved 1st round of playoffs)

– Oliver E. and Holden S. (Badminton- achieved 1st round of playoffs)


– Arya P, Aria G, Francis E, Brighten S, Peyton F, Areia C, Eva B, Chigozie I, Clinton T, Bree H, Molly O, Sarah B, Georgia W, Elise N, Sadie S, Maria G.C, Echo M, Saaliha R, Kaiden B, Kaylee M, Kyson V, Reese B, Eric W, Zainab R                              (School Art- selected winners)




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CAPE is a very vibrant learning environment with multigrade community-oriented projects and endeavours.

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