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Who Should I Contact Regarding...

There are many people working as a team at CAPE.  Here is a short list of whom to see for common questions.  If your concern is not listed here, please feel free to send your question to info@capeisgreat.org and we will gladly help you.


Mrs. Hopkins, Administrative Assistant

Waiting list forms can be requested from Mrs. Hopkins. As spots become available, Ms. Krochak, the Director of Student Services, completes the programming needs assessment and confirms registration.  Registration forms are distributed and collected by Mrs. Hopkins.


Mrs. Gordon, Principal
Ms. Krochack, Director of Student Services

Wondering if we have the program supports for your child/student? Mrs. Gordon will answer these questions and will discuss the specific needs of your child.  Ms. Krochak will also provide input into individual supports and assessments.


Mrs. Wolfe, Executive Assistant

Invoices for fees are sent regularly throughout the year.  For any fee payments or fees questions, please contact Mrs. Wolfe.

Uniform Questions

Mrs. Hopkins, Administrative Assistant

CAPE uniforms are available for order throughout the year from Land's End online.  Sizing information can be found on their website.

If you have questions about uniform requirements, you can speak with Mrs. Hopkins.  You can also find uniform details in the front of all CAPE student planners.

School Council (Parents)

Mrs. Hopkins, Administrative Assistant

Get involved!  Come to a School Council meeting to be part of the advisory parent body.  We are looking for each homeroom to have a representative.  Mrs. Hopkins can give you meeting dates, details, and answer questions about School Council.

Out of School Care

Mrs. Hopkins, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Gordon, Principal

Registration forms for ASC can be requested from Mrs. Hopkins in the main office.  Mrs. Gordon is the Out of School Director.  Daily caregivers are available to answer specific questions or concerns.  For specific program questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Gordon.

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