CAPE does not believe in user fees or continually requesting money from parents for their students to take part in activities. Instead, CAPE discloses all costs up front and does not request activity money throughout the year.

One inclusive fee:

1.  24 hrs/day, 365 days/year student insurance
2.  all school supplies
3.  iPads/desk tops and software for K-3
4.  Individual student iPads for 4-9
5. Science Fair supplies for experiments and displays, fees towards regional participation, etc
6.  Science Day for K-3
7.  Heritage Fair
8.  Heritage Day for K-3
9.  School-wide drama production
10.  Juried Art Shows and Sales
11.  Consultants for art projects, dance/drama for school wide productions, experts to assist with curriculum objectives, etc
12.  Rental fees for community facilities such as the YMCA
13.  Subscriptions/Registrations for fairs/workshops/competitions such as the math contests, etc
14.  Transportation to and from community locations such as dance studios, Police Point Park, Esplanade, etc
15.  Bussing to Cypress Hills, Elkwater, Lethbridge, Calgary, etc
16.  Cost of dance lessons, fitness, etc
17.  Supplies for special projects such as foods for cooking projects, plants/seeds, etc for agriculture projects
18.  Curriculum based presentations such as Butterfly House tours, Medicine Hat Interpretive Program, Esplanade Programs, etc
19.  Supplies to enhance literacy, numeracy and other curricula
20.  Medicine Hat Junior High Athletic Association
*Please note that this list is subject to change from year to year and is not a complete list.

Full day, every day

Non refundable deposit:  $100

Monthly Activity Fee: 
$272  (Sept - June)

Grades 1-3 Fees

Non refundable deposit:  $100

Monthly Activity Fee:
$52 / month (Sept-June)

Grades 4-9 Fees

Non refundable deposit:  $100

Monthly Activity Fee:
$67 / month (Sept-June)

For a comprehensive look at our fee schedule, please click here.

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