CAPE's Community Ties

Field Trips

CAPE students enjoy and benefit from learning within the community. Each year our students have many worthwhile community experiences, which makes their learning rich.


Over the years, CAPE and its community have supported hundreds of charity events. Each year, CAPE chooses specific charities and plans events to teach students about citizenship and provide support on civic, provincial and global levels.

Organizations that Support Our Programs

Each year, CAPE is fortunate to have the support of tens of community organizations.  Click here to see the latest list of CAPE supporters.

Educational Partnerships

Medicine Hat College

CAPE prides itself in being a learning centre for all ages.  CAPE gladly hosts practicum students from the Medicine Hat College.  We have accepted students in the following programs:  Educational Assistant, Education Degree, Office Assistant, Youth and Addictions Counselling.

Professional Development

As part of its professional development initiatvies, CAPE invites other school jurisdictions to take part in professional development. In the 2014-2015 school year, CAPE invited the greater educational community to join us in learning about gifted education, executive function, and supports for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please contact our Superintendent, Teresa Di Ninno, for more information.

CAPE also supports its staff to take part in professional development with other community partners.  Many thanks to Westmount Charter School for hosting a cohort of our teachers for gifted education.

Get Involved With CAPE

School Fairs

Each year, CAPE hosts school fairs which require community judges. Being a judge requires no prior experience.  Simply, you serve as an audience for students to share their expertise and you evaluate their work based on provided criteria.  If you are interested in judging for Science Fair in spring 2019, please email Mrs. Hartman here.

Field Trips

Do you have a location which you feel would be beneficial for students? CAPE is always looking for places where students can extend their knowledge and have new experiences.  If you have a field trip idea, please email Mrs. Hartman here.


CAPE has various venues through which we advertise our supporters and ourselves.  If you have an advertising company and would like to use your connections to support CAPE, please email Mrs. Hartman here.

If you would like to advertise on CAPE's website, or in our yearbook, or at other events, please contact Mrs. Hartman here.

Share Expertise

CAPE's program is made rich by the expertise in the community.  If you have knowledge to share, we would love to hear from you.  We are always looking for guests with knowledge in science, environmental awareness, art, music, drama, multiculturalism, dance, French culture, Spanish culture, and trades.  If you would like to find out more aobut how to share your expertise with our students, please email Mrs. Gordon here.


CAPE's success is largely due to the support of its school board.  If you would like to become a community member on the CAPE Board of Directors, contact Mrs. Di Ninno, Superintendent, here.


CAPE gladly accepts donations: manpower, items, or monetary.  We can use extra hands within the school and on school building projects. Donated items are used as student rewards or in school fundraising activiites such as our annual Spring Fling.  Monetary donations can be designated for specific porjects, or left at the discretion of the school to use in places to relieve budget constraints.  Donations over $10 are recognized with a tax receipt.

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