Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Alberta

Education in Alberta is all about choice.

Charter schools are autonomous non-profit public schools designed to provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the acquisition of student skills, attitudes and knowledge in some measurable way.  Charter schools have characteristics that set them apart from other public schools in meeting the needs of a particular group of students through a specific program or teaching/learning approach while following Alberta Education's Program of Studies. 

Alberta Education strives to put students’ needs first, and parents and students have made it clear that they believe choice in Alberta’s education system is one of its strengths.  Charter schools also have increased responsibility for research and innovation in education.  That’s why we strongly support charter schools.

The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools

The Alberta Association of Public Charter Schools (TAAPCS) is an association comprised of Alberta Education approved charter schools that choose to be members and support TAAPCS objectives. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors.

TAAPCS Objectives:

  • To promote and facilitate public charter school education in Alberta
  • To speak with one voice on behalf of public charter schools in Alberta
  • To promote a forum for public charter schools to meet in support of common goals
  • To advocate for continued innovation and choice within public education

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