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On Friday, February 18th, CAPE school participated a world-wide event known as Anti-Bullying Day (Pink Shirt Day). This is a day that has been introduced to promote acts of kindness and the prevention of bullying towards others. This event was founded by two male students in Nova Scotia who stood up against bullying in their school by wearing pink coloured shirts. The students distributed over 50 shirts to classmates to promote their support of anti-bullying. Over time this movement has evolved into a national and world-wide event. This year CAPE has once again shown our support of anti-bullying. The school planned several student activities to engage students in conversations about bullying and its negative effects. Students were encouraged to come to school wearing clothes with a “pink theme” to show their support of Anti-Bullying. CAPE also accepted monetary donations which directly supported Students were eager to show their support of Anti-Bullying.

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