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CAPE was contacted by a community artist, Jeff Goring, to do a community based mural project at the school. Jeff has been responsible for running “MuralFest” in the Medicine Hat area for the last 3 years with the goal to create positive messages to encourage and uplift youth and the community as a whole.

Grades 4-9 completed a survey and identified words to use on the mural. The chosen words (kind, accepting, diverse, inclusive, amazing, fun, welcoming, helpful, happy, challenging, caring, creative) were some of the words painted on the wall leading up to the mezzanine and down towards the gymnasium. Labour for this project was donated and the project was supported financially by the CAPE School Council.

Students and staff have commented on how uplifting and positive this statement is for our school. Shaw worked on the progression and the final product of the mural. 

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CAPE is a very vibrant learning environment with multigrade community-oriented projects and endeavours.

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